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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My latest full journal!

I love a nice fat journal that's been packed up with all the stuff that's happened in the days between that first page and that last one. The last few journals, I've been making little flip-through vids on Instagram to show how my journals look!

Here's the most recent one, for Journal #27: Welcome to Bright Whale*!

A video posted by Samantha Holloway (@pirategirljack) on

*I name them sort of randomly^ around the mid point of filling the book, when I have a feel for how that book's theme^^ is developing. Usually, I just pick some phrase that has to do with something that happened in that notebook; this one, I got the Night Vale episodes books to review, and there was a whale on the cover, so that's the name.
^The last one was called Squad Goals.
^^I say theme, but there's not really a THEME so much as whatever vague idea of a trend my life and my thoughts are on that month-or-so. I'm not sure that life actually HAS themes until you're trying to make a consistent narrative for yourself after the fact. But that's what journals are for: recording and making sense of life.


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