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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

On keeping up

Ironically, a post with this title was meant to go up on Monday, according to my plan for the week...and then I had a doctor's appointment that became a five hour thing because the labs got backed up, by the time I got home, I ate dinner and went to bed and didn't do anything else.

Keeping up is hard.

But also, when you're self-directed, what even is "keeping up"?

I always feel like I'm not moving fast enough, and it's more of a feeling since I developed health problems that slow me down. I've discovered through a lot of tracking and documenting* that it's a minimum of a month between deciding to do something and actually doing it, if I don't do it the same moment I decided. So I always feel like I'm taking too long to do things--but if it's always that long between decision and action, doesn't that make it just the natural time it takes me to get things done? Which would mean I'm not behind at all.

Deadlines are a good thing when you're sort of a nebulous thing. They're anchors on a calendar: this thing has to be done by this day, no matter what. I love deadlines. It's an instant priority, does wonders for classing the other things in order of what needs doing now.

But being a writer doesn't really have as many deadlines as, say, an office job. Or a shop job, even. Some people have the knack of setting and keeping their own deadlines, but I'm not one of those people. I make up for it by setting goals--this many pages, this many blog posts, this much work on these projects.

And I rarely make those goals, because I'm always slower than I think I'll be when I'm planning for the week.

So am I behind?

Theresa Robinson says frequently in her monthly printable Right Brain Planner pages that I use that there is no behind, which would mean there's also no keeping up. I remind myself of that frequently, but it sure feels like it's real when I was sick for a week and missed all the tv reviews I'm meant to do between Monday and Friday.

I don't have a conclusion for this post--I think it's a constant struggle for the self-employed: am I on plan? Am I behind? Does behind exist if I'm the one defining the plan? It's just something I've been struggling with for a while, and especially lately when it took me a whole week to make up for missing a week.

What do you guys think?

*I document a lot of stuff in a day, because I have a really bad memory for life-details. I can remember plot details, but if I don't make note of what I physically did during a day, a week later it's a blank that feels like that day never actually happened. Whole years have gone by like that before I started making daily pages in my notebook!


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