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Friday, July 8, 2016

Here's the thing about creative work: it's really easy to NOT schedule it

...and therefore to never actually Get Stuff Done.

Back in the day, when I was a kid and just deciding I was going to be a writer, it didn't matter when I got stuff done. No one was reading it but me! Then, in college, people were reading it but it still didn't matter how disciplined I was, as long as I had something to turn in on time.

Grad school did teach me to be more organized--you can't write a whole 800,000 word novel without learning something about organizing it!--but as soon as I was done with school, I fell right off that lesson. Now, it's years later, and I'm back to trying to figure out how to balance living and writing.

Is there any writer who ever has this all the way figured out? If so, send them my way!

I use a monthly calendar, a weekly planner, and a daily docket, and usually, for most things in my life, that works great.

It doesn't work for creative stuff when I'm falling into the trap of waiting around for inspiration to hit. Like, at all. Because the thing about having a schedule is that it's really easy to only do what's on the schedule. And then it really easy to look at the other stuff and just be like: oh, well, there's no space; I guess that's not getting done now.

So here's the experiment in going to try for a few weeks: I'm going to schedule my creativity. I'm going to set up next week's schedule with a list of minimum actions on each of my projects--a chapter on Inkshares, a freebie on Patreon, a certain number of scenes in the novel, a level of planning in the other novel, etc--and I'm going to put them in the schedule and give them days. I'm naturally resistant to planning myself to death, but when I was in school, and the schedule was tight, I got more done, so I'm going to try to do that for myself. And in a few weeks, I'll come back here and tell you what I've figured out in this experiment. It'll be cool. You guys can be my accountability!

I've been coasting and waiting for too long, you guys. It's time to Get Shit Done and Share The Process!


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