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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reasons why I'm itchy

  1. The summer is an awful time for having sensitive skin
  2. It keeps swinging between crazy-hot and kind-of-cold, and it's messing with my internal thermostat
  3. I'm apparently very tasty to every biting insect within ten miles, now that it's warmed up enough for them to come back
  4. I'm allergic to common household items now?? 
  5. And clothes???
  6. Sweating is the worst
  7. My pain disorder manifests as whole-body itching when I'm not actively hurting, which is SO NOT THE BEST OMG
  8. I haven't been keeping to my diet well enough to not be all up in arms in all my systems
  9. Metaphorically, I'm really restless and want to go somewhere new and interesting, and that's kind of an itch in my brain
  10. POLLEN, bane of my existence


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