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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Monthly Me - May 2016

I had a really good April--I got to sell my stuff to actual people who's faces I could see, and I got to meet Felicia Day and didn't die or pass out or anything, and my favorite show came back. May has lots of awesome geekery lined up, and I'm back to working with my friend to crit stories (once a month to start, since we're both slow and behind on everything), and at the end of the month is my birthday.

But still I'm starting May feeling like a train wreck.

I think it's because of how little sleep I got last night. Summer is not kind to my poor itchy skin, and the weather is all over the place--crazy hot and humid in the same week as like 60s and dim. Back and forth, like it can't decide, and it keeps throwing me off.

This month's goals are all about recentering, though. Getting back to creativity. Getting back to how I know I need to live--especially with eating and moving, two things I tend to forget to do. Remembering to look up and pay attention to the world. Remembering to get stuff done so I can move forward. Because I know I've said it every month, but I really am done with not liking the life I have, and I'm gonna force the world to give me the life I want!

I'm also getting back to Beacon, finally, now that the craft fair is done eating up all my attention, and I'm aiming for the end of June for that publication. I really like Beacon, even though the book is being such a pain in my butt, and I hope you all like it as much!

I've been bringing back all the stuff I used to like doing that I haven't been doing because I've been so miserable--book reviewing, TV reviewing for TVGA. Listening to music. Writing, Drawing. Writing letters with actual pen and paper and stamps! I love real mail.

I'm working on expanding my shop, and getting back on that ol Dragon of Inspiration, and despite the train-wreckiness of this particular day's headspace, I feel like it's a thing I can do.

What're your goals this month?


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