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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ten ways to read more books

  1. Keep books everywhere, so whenever you have downtime, you can pick one up and read something.
  2. Pick books you want to read, not ones you feel like you should read.
  3. Pick short books--they aren't necessarily easier, but there's less to get through.
  4. Get involved in things that require you to read--book clubs, schooling, reading challenges.
  5. Keep track of the books you read, and try to beat yourself each year.
  6. Find a few authors you like, read all their books, then look for people like them, and read all theirs.
  7. Read before bed; it's a great way to relax, and it'll get you through more books than looking at your phone will!
  8. Read to someone else--a child, an old person, a blind person. It'll make you a better person, it'll improve someone's life AND it'll get more books under your belt.
  9. Read books about subjects that interest you instead of just googling or looking at wikipedia.
  10. Give yourself a daily or weekly pages-read goal like you get in school; try to hit that goal.
How do you read more books? Do you have any tricks, tips, or habits for getting or staying above the national average (which is woefully low in this country)? Share in the comments below, or come talk to me about books on Twitter!


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