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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ten more ways to read more books

  1. Think of yourself as a reader and act as if you are.
  2. Look for reasons and opportunities to read a book, and do it.
  3. Keep lists (or stacks) of books to read.
  4. Find cheap ways to get books--it's much easier to have lots of reading choices when the books are significantly cheaper. Buy used books, take free books from friends, go to book sales.
  5. Devote time in your schedule to uninterrupted reading.
  6. Try a Kindle or some other e-reader that lets you take multiple books with you easily, and read during non-driving commutes, traveling, standing in line, waiting for appointments, etc.
  7. Talk to people about what you read--there's all sorts of places online, if you don't have reader-friends to talk to in person.
  8. Find some reader-friends. Talking to others about books makes it easier to keep reading.
  9. Read the books that movies and TV are based on.
  10. Do what you need to do to make it easier on yourself to choose reading over all the other things that could take up your time.
How do you keep your reading list up?


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