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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Friends Promo - the first one of 2016!

Alexa Grave
Since we last checked in with Alexa, she's put out FOUR NEW STORIES! I've been super-remiss about keeping up on her, but if you have, too, here's your chance to get them! You can find all four, and her previous work, here on her Amazon page.

Even better, Dreams In Shadow is free through Sunday! Go get it!
For every card, there's a story.  
The three cat sisters, Joslyn, Mia, and Amber, are world-hoppers. They're in search of a world to call home, and they finally find it in Fate.  
However, they've grown fond of Earth as well, and they insert themselves into the lives of people from both worlds. From Fools to Magicians, the three cats are witnesses to the stories that unravel.  
Dreams in Shadow  
Twelve-year-old Tilly is the epitome of a little Fool. The moment she meets Mia, a cat who speaks into her mind, she decides on a whim that it's time for an adventure. Unfortunately, her carefree romp in the world of Fate is cut short by the willful Tillnea, a spoiled brat who won't take no for an answer.  
As Tilly's adventure unravels, Mia seeks a way to get them both back on the proper path.

Deanna Dee
Deanna has two sales coming up for Valentines Day!

One Fling to Rule Them All:
It began with the forging of a great friendship. 
For three months, Lydia Bell has watched Craig, her best friend and the love of her life, be in a happy relationship with someone else. But she’s over it. Or thinks she is until she hears Craig’s voice on the phone. Desperate to put her romantic feelings behind, she joins her roommates for a night out. Maybe she’ll meet someone. 
And meet someone she does—a guy named Scott, who looks a lot like Craig. Despite their awkward introduction, flaming arrows fly, and soon Lydia is running off the dance floor to get away from feelings she shouldn’t have. So much for getting over Craig, and so much for Scott. 
Until Monday morning, that is. Turns out Scott goes to her school. Worse, they share a class. As if that’s not weird enough, Scott is also trying to get over someone. To help both Lydia and himself, he proposes a fling, and reluctantly, Lydia agrees. Now she just has to hope this fling rules and doesn’t crash into a fiery mountain. 
Amazon Buy Link
Pair of Dice Lost:
Of man’s first misplacements… 
Lydia is getting ready for a perfect Valentine’s Day with Scott, touring the Lord of the Rings exhibit at the Museum of Science. Everything’s great, except she can’t find the decorative D6s she got him. And he’ll be there any second! 
Amazon Buy link

One of my very own Professional Fangirls, Danyi, is doing tri-weekly discussions about 12 Monkeys over on her fan blog! Go check them out!

Do you have some awesome writing, art, or otherwise creative project you're working on that you want to get the word out about? Drop me a line and I'll add you to the list for next month!


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