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Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 9-10-11 of 365

 This has been a hard weekend for personal reasons I'm not ready to post about yet, so I got a little behind. So here's three at once to catch up!

9. Describe your sense of humor.
Weird! I like strange things that make you think about things differently--things that play with expectations like Welcome to Nightvale. Or I like stupid puns. Okay, I love puns. And I sort of adore workdplay-humor in general--that's the sort I tend to do the most on my own.

But mostly, I like humor that's mixed with other things. Comedy movies don't usually appeal to me that much because most of them are only there for the laugh, and it's usually the easy one; I like smarter humor, or stupid humor about smart things. And I like it cut with romance*, or with drama, or with some really strange scifi or fantasy thing. That's why my favorite episodes of X-Files are the funny ones, why my answer to sadness is making jokes**, and why I hate romances but ADORE romcoms that get it right.

10. Is your family supportive?
Mostly. My immediate family is as supportive as they can be, and we've got several super-supportive honorary siblings. But I come from a really big family--three of us, but my mom is one of eight, so there's 45 siblings, and most of them all have kids now, so hundreds--and it's hard to make sweeping statements like "My family is supportive".

Family is a complicated thing. When we were kids, we lived overseas, and we grew up mostly without family--just the five of us, somewhere in another country. When we came back, we bonded with some of the cousins and still never saw others. And by the time we were all getting lives of our own, so were all of them, and everyone scattered. Then the parents scattered, too. We used to all be in Florida, where we could just go see each other whenever we wanted, but now we're all up and down the East Coast, and it's harder.

11. List 6 things you love about Winter.

  1. Snow! I grew up mostly in places where there wasn't any, ever, and even after three winters here (this'll be my fourth), I still like snow. It makes me giggly.
  2. An excuse to drink even more warm drinks than I already do. My repertoire expands from hot tea to hot tea +  cocoa + cider + mulled wine, and that one time, + hot mead. That was great.
  3. Knits! Oh my god I love knits. Sweaters, scarfs, wraps, knee socks, wrist warmers, all of it.
  4. The stillness. All the trees are sleeping, most of the animals are hibernating, the neighborhood kids are back in school, life is slowing down after the craziness that is the winter holidays at the end of the last year...it's nice.
  5. Roasting chestnuts. I haven't found any in the stores yet, but I'm keeping an eye out!
  6. One-pot cold-weather food. I mean, thick stews, chili, picadillo, roasts cooked with the veggies in the same pot...it's the best.
What do you guys think about today's questions?

*God, I love a romcom. My favorites are Decoy Bride, You've Got Mail, While You Were Sleeping, The Proposal, Penelope, Bride and Prejudice...
**You should have seen how much we made each other laugh when my grandma was in the hospital. Also, this is why I can't watch dramas that are only drama--I just really want someone to make a funny comment, or for something goofy to happen to them, or whatever. I can't handle the emotional pitch of only drama.


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