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Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 8 of 365

 8. List ways to treat yourself this year.

  1. Bath bombs! Like, seriously, those are the best.
  2. Continue dying my hair weird colors; I think orange might be next.
  3. High-end chocolate.
  4. Drinking All The Tea. And getting fancier tea when I can.
  5. Saving up so I can afford things I want, not just things I need--like a new tablet, or an XBox or something.
  6. Sitting outside when the weather is good, and just being.
  7. Occasionally tracking down that expensive GF sandwich truck, or the fancy cupcake truck that sells all their flavors GF as well as regular.
  8. Trying new flavors of tiny booze! (Absolut is amazing, but why get one bottle of one flavor when you can get five of different flavors?)
  9. Wearing nice shoes just because. (and makeup and clothes and accessories and...)
  10. Saving up so I can take a trip somewhere cool--maybe not this year, but some time.
What ways will you treat yourself this year? Share in the comments or on Twitter!


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