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Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 7 of 365

7. Your personality traits.

I'm not sure what is meant by this, so I'm just gonna list stuff...

  • I'm compassionate, but gunshy
  • I'm dedicated to the things I love (see: every fandom I'm still carrying a torch for*)
  • Is being made of approximately 78% tea a personality trait?
  • I'm creative to the point that sometimes I can't just let something go, and I semi-regularly make up stories about people I see out in the world when I'm bored or nervous
  • I have desperate wanderlust** and do not have the income to support it, so mostly it's just cranky restlessness
  • I'm synaesthetic, and that means I have associations and preferences that probably would seem weird to other people***
  • I like cats because they're warm and cuddly and do whatever they want, but are also independent and don't require too much attention most of the time
  • I fall hard when I fall in love with anything, but I can be put off easily by seemingly minor things--which is bad when it's a person I've fallen for
  • I have a weird sense of humor
  • I believe in things I can feel and figure out for myself
  • I'm so so-called-right-brained**** that I have trouble understanding math unless I can make it make sense visually
  • I have this constant "I can do that myself" or "if the world collapses, I want to have that on hand" complex--which is why I garden, and why I'm collecting rare seeds and adding the stuff I love most, slowly, to my garden (I'm gonna buy a tea plant. This year. I won't be put off!)
  • I'm a semi-compulsive writer; if I don't write, I start feeling crazy
  • I'm naturally depressive and have several health issues that affect how I feel and think about things
  • I love weird humor mixed with impact--Welcome to Night Vale, most British comedy, the first season of Sleepy Hollow when they got things right...
  • My dominant emotion is "I want to be left to myself"--like, not alone, but allowed to just do what I want and to choose how to interact instead of being expected to. Because I'm a HUGE introvert, despite having a pretty good coping skill.
  • Random things make me happy--a cat flipping over all cutely, sun through the trees (but not while I'm in a car, that's just headache-inducing strobing), new baby plants coming up, a really well-written scene, Tom Hiddleston smiling at literally anything, big cats acting like housecats, fat birds hopping around in the grass, 80s gothy synth music, action figures that actually look like who they're meant to look like, really well-printed and designed books...
  • I have no defense against British accents
  • I like things to be pretty, not just functional
  • Growing up overseas has made me a poor fit for the US, and I'm pretty sure a lot of my restlessness comes from that
  • I believe in passionate friendships
  • I pine for Mars Colonies
  • I want a spaceship
  • No matter how many books I read, it's never enough books
  • I get ASMR tingles from tapping, certain voices, rain on the windows, etc, and I really love it
  • I try to be optimistic
  • I think we're all stories, really
What traits do you claim?

*I mean, Firefly could still be saved. And, like, Remmington Steele would make an awesome reboot. And I would pay way too much money for a proper DVD of 7 Days. And sometimes The Lunar Chronicles keeps me up at night. And...
**I think it comes from growing up moving from military base to military base; staying anywhere longer than a few years makes me cranky.
***Like, I like fiddle but not violin, despite them being technically the same instrument, because fiddle is gold and green and little dancing shapes, and violin is gold and orange and sharp knives.
****I'm reading Whole New Mind right now, and it points out how there's not really such a thing as Right-Brained, but at the same time, the idea of Right-Brain / Left-Brain has made my whole life so much easier since it explains why I think in branching rivers and can't do math without a visual method to it and practically pathologically need to see all sides of a story...


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