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Thursday, December 10, 2015

9 things I do to fatten up journals, other than just writing in them

I'm a big fan of journaling. You may have noticed. I'm also a big fan of starting a nice clean skinny notebook and finishing a big fat messy one. Which means I don't just write on all the pages. Here's what I do to get that fat-journal aesthetic...
  1. Keep everything--scraps of paper, mail, grocery notes and notes from friends, photos, bits of your birthday wrapping paper, cards, packaging, flattened leaves or balloons. Anything flat, stick that into the book on the day's pages.
  2. Decorate the pages--glue stuff from magazines in, cover them in washi and stickers, use markers and hole punchers and paint.
  3. Print up guided journal pages--they're all over the internet, but my favs come from Adventures In Guided Journaling, Right Brain Planner, and all those asks on Tumblr. I print them up, then scatter them through the pages I haven't filled yet, and fill them out when I get to them. I also use the ones that apply to whatever I'm doing or going through each day. 
  4. Add pages--All those page-shaped scraps? Stick them into the binding with tape or washi, and make them into other pages.
  5. Add envelopes and small paper bags--then fill them with stuff. Some ideas: scraps, pictures, letters you never sent, letters you received, testers of new art supplies, receipts from the week, leaves or flowers from a new place you went...
  6. Use paperwork--I'm currently using a holiday gift planner, a weekly catch-all page*, a shopping list, a monthly bills calendar,  TV-viewing tracker, a monthly finances page, a Right Brain Planner weekly goals sheet, a habits-tracker, and carrying around the Month-End Review** page for later so I don't lose it. When they're filled, they go into the book wherever I am at that point. Also my old calendar pages and weekly pages each month/ week go in!
  7. When words fail, art--do sketches, collages, painting, whatever. Use a whole page.
  8. Take whole pages from magazines and drop them in--mine are mostly home-design or lifestyle things I want to keep, or articles I find. Almost all of them get decorated or annotated. Articles, speeches, discussions, lists, and pictures printed up off the internet also make good journal-fillers! Make sure you indicate some why--what do you like, what did you learn, why are you keeping it, why is it important enough to keep?
  9. Worksheets--the 'nets are full of worksheets! I like the ones that come out of Leonie Dawson and her workbooks, Danielle Laporte, Susanna Conway, and things like Passion Planner and Your Best Year. Whatever thing you're doing where you need to fill something out and it doesn't need to be sent anywhere? In the book!
So that's what I've been doing to fatten up a new skinny notebook. What do you guys do? How do you get that fat-journal look? Share in the comments or come talk to me on twitter!

*To keep and organize my postits habit and to be a central place to drop all the new things that need to be handled or looked up or scheduled as they happen, without having to go back through the notebook, which, as it turns out, is too much trouble for day-to-day use. Like, I never go back to pages like that; going back is for finding specific entries and cross-referencing.
**Most of these are pages I made myself, so I can test how they work. Most of them will wind up on Etsy or some other shop of mine for $1 download early next year when I get to that. Right now, there's too much holiday stuff going on to be launching or relaunching a shop.


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