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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Journal reference - Dear Queer Diary: So Long, Farewell | Autostraddle

Dear Queer Diary: So Long, Farewell | Autostraddle:

"Those of us who have a bookshelf stacked with filled journals know that each notebook is a volume in a bigger archive — a chapter in the longer story of what came before and what comes after. There’s continuity because journals are about our days, and each day is followed by another and then another and then another, all the way through years and decades and maybe a century, if we’re very lucky."
I really like this quote. I have filled four notebooks since I had to abandon my apartment this summer, and I just realized I'm past the half-way point on the fifth one. I'll probably fill a sixth before the end of the year.

My journals never start at the beginning of a month and end at the end of one, no matter how hard I try; I don't think I've ever managed to end one at the end of the year, even though that feels like a good point to stop--last year, I'd barely started the most recent one at New Years, and I wasn't about to start another so soon--I can't afford to leave so many pages unfilled! This year, I've been so far on the "I can't afford" side of the scale that I've been digging up old notebooks that I'd started and never finished, pinning the old pages together, and continuing with the next installment of the main journal archive.

I number all my journals, so I know what order they go in. I name some of them, if I find a quote or phrase or word that seems to speak to whatever is going on in it's pages. When a book is done, I have a ritual of pulling out the pages that move forward--the ongoing lists, the still-unused deco supplies, the notes for stuff that hasn't happened yet. Sometimes I make an index. Sometimes I do a sort of table of contents in the back and code the pages based on topic. Sometimes I just take that stuff out, close it, and never look at it again.

But it's always a thing when a journal ends. And it's always a thing when a new one begins. I tend to start journals in the middle of a day, as soon as I run out of space on the old pages. It's like putting the bookmark into a book after reading the first few lines of a chapter instead of stopping on the cliffhanger.

What do you do with the ends of journals?

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