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Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekly Writing Prompts from the Division of Muse Relations!

1. The weather shifts one day--and the new front has nothing to do with any weather the area has ever seen before. The city is unprepared and it's not the only one. Who tries to do something about it? Who tries to take advantage of it? And who caused it?

2. In the future, when space is at a premium, cities build up and up and up, and the cities become stratified--but not in the usual ways. In a world where people never see the ground or the sky, what divides the layers of society? And what do the people in the different layers think about it?

3. A bright young kid with a lot of chips on their shoulder decides to be the best supervillain the world has ever seen--but the established villains have no interest in coaching or taking on interns, so they have to figure it out themselves. The problem is, they're not very good at evil, they just don't like how things are going. What's their story like?

4. In a future where robots and other automated systems cover all the backbreaking or wasted-potential-type jobs, everyone is encouraged to find their passion--but not everyone has a passion. When there's no easy jobs to do, what do people do if they have no talents and no strong interests?

5. A secret door exists in every library, and they all lead to the same place--the home of the embodiment of Inspiration. A girl gets lost in the stacks and finds that door. What happens when she goes through?


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