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Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly writing and journaling prompts!

1. The season starts to turn, but it's not turning into the next one in sequence--it's turning into a totally different season that isn't one of the main four. The signs of it are strange and different. The animals and plants are doing different things than they do in the usual seasons. And some people suddenly remember what it was like, the last time, hundreds and hundreds of years ago. What's it like for one of the ones who remembers--and who is married to one of the ones who doesn't?

2. Something huge disconnects from the ocean floor, and at first people think it's a earthquake or a new volcano--but it's not rising from the sea floor, it's coming up off it, toward the surface. But slowly. What is it? Who hears it calling in their dreams? What happens when it reaches the surface?

3. A kid starts knowing what will happen before it does, and as he gets older, he sees further and further away from now. There's someone who wants to use this skill. There's someone who wants to hide it. But what does he feel about it? And what does he see, when he's old enough to understand the big picture?

4. What if steampunk was actual--but we still are set in present time? How would Victorian steam technology have continued to develop into the twenty first century? How has human history been altered? Have we made it to the moon? Are we still using steam, or is something else powering it now?

5. An old woman wakes up one morning, gets dressed, and starts walking across the country to the world changing event she needs to fix. What happens to her along the way? What event is she walking toward? How does she know about it?

1. What was your first pet? What was their name? What is your best memory of them and your worst? Are they still your pet?

2. What was the last song you just hated on first hearing it? What made you hate it so much? Is it one of the sort you think you'll get used to, or one you'll always hate.

3. How do you deal with annoyance? Is there a way you can deal with it better? What wa the last thing that just bugged you, and what did you do about it?

4. What is your favorite fall meal? When things start getting cooler and leaves start turning, what do you crave?

5. Are you a coffee drinker? If yes, when did you start and how do you like it? If no, what about it keeps you from liking it?

6. Talk about a time you really hurt yourself--broken bones, accidents, surgeries, one of those. Did it change your life? Did it change how you handle things or think about things? How long did it take to recover? How did you do it?

7. Make a list of your proudest moments and why they make you so proud? When things are bad, come back to this list to resin perpective; when things are good, add to it. 


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