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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ten book series that affected my life

I saw this over on Tumblr but I thought it would make a great thing to put here Because Books.

1. The Chronicles of Narnia
My cousin Jamie gave me his copies one summer when we came home to visit when I was nine or ten, and I lugged that stack of seven books (plus other books) back across the world to wherever we were living overseas. I read them all cover to cover, and then read them all again each year until I was twenty and in college and they were in storage because I forgot to bring them with me.

2. The Dragonriders of Pern
These were some of the first adult books I ever read, starting when I was twelve, and the first adult books I actually sought out and made a point of reading in order.* I still want a dragon of my own, and they were the books that pushed me from a kid who read 85 books a year to a kid who wrote her own stories. I loved them that much.

3. Robin McKinley's Damar books
There's only two of them, but there's vague references to Damar in a few of the others, too, so I'm gonna call it a series. The Hero and the Crown was the only summer reading book I ever loved, and it Changed My World. A girl, who is awkward and shy-ish and stubborn, who goes out and does things? Sign me the fuck up. I still love them, and I re-read them periodically even now. I've actually re-bought them when I wanted to read them again and didn't have them.

3. The Dark Is Rising
I was too old for late middle-grade books when I read these, but they're so well written and so layered with history and mythology and mysticism and wonderfulness that I didn't even care. And the way the stories wove together and told this epic ongoing story in such short books really impressed me!

4. The Black Cauldron and co
I loved that movie when Disney made it, despite the fact that it's SO NOT Disney material and almost killed them as a studio because everyone thought so, but it's so great. When I found out it was a book and a series, I gobbled them all up from the library one summer. Apparently welsh-mythology based things were super impactful to me.

5. Wise Child and Juniper
There's a third one of these (and maybe a fourth?) that I haven't been able to read yet, but these two were so good. When my niece learned how to read, I sent her a copy of Wise Child. I made friends with the very first person I met in college because she was reading Juniper. I love them.

6. The Tower and the Hive
Also by Anne McCaffrey, of Pern fame, and at least hinted at eventually merging into one, I found this series later, but a lot of my first income went to buying those books as they came out. Who wouldn't want dynastic romances about super-psychics that colonize alien planets and fight giant bug-creatures??

7. Dresden Files
There's so many of them! And they're so full of snark and crazy. And they go the actual mile--why have one kind of werewolf or vampire or fairy when you can have ALL OF THEM? Plus! They're urban fantasy that doesn't have a woman sleeping her way across the netherworld at the center! If we could only find a lady-led one that was not sex-based!**

8. The Mortal Instruments and co
All six books, the three spin offs, the short story collections, hell, even the three that haven't come out yet, I love them all. She knows how to hit every one of my feels-buttons, and I love the world he's built, and I've spent most of a decade now waiting on the next one, the next one, the next one.

9. The Lunar Chronicles
This series is so good. The blend of scifi and fairytale is some of the most inspired genre bending I've ever seen, and four books in, the series is only getting better! It's great, and I love it.

10. The Godstalker series
I feel like I'm the only one who has read these, because there's still no matched set of these (bc of publishing vagaries), but Godstalk is so good, and everything that came after it only broadened the world and deepened the characters and messed with it's own history and mythology, and it was AMAZING. It was a huge influence on Married to the Wind, and I'm practically an evangelist for this series. Find it! Read it! Let it change your world!

What series impacted your life? Share! I want more books on my reading list!

*Before that I read romances by Victoria Holt and Cat Who... Mysteries, but I totally didn't care if I read them all or had ten in the right order. The Pern books? I was INVESTED.
**I'm working on it. That's what Beacon is for!


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