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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Story Starters!

1. One hundred years ago, something strange fell from the sky. Fifty years ago, people started to tell tales of weird things happening around the old crater. Ten years ago, five people went missing. What's happening today? What happened to those people? Who was there who didn't go missing, and what are they doing about what's happening today?

2. A group of three people are trying to break the world record for climbing the tallest mountain on Mars, but the higher they get, the weirder things get around them. Are they imagining things, or are things actually weird? Are they tapping into something, discovering something, or is it all a hallucination?

3. Ten people on a space ship in the void between planets have a lot of nothing to do. What do they do to keep themselves occupied? Who is bored and who is comforted by the lack of excitement? What's it like, day to day? Now, what happens when there's a sudden emergency? Does it endanger the mission? Who rises to the challenge and who freaks out?

4. Two people who had fallen in love and had one night together were separated by crazy scifi circumstances. They've been trying to get back together for weeks or months or years, and now they finally have--but their time apart was not smooth, and they've become different people. Are they still in love? Can they find their way back to each other, or is everything too different now? Do they try?

5. The first moon colony was built by robots and it's time to test the reliability of the systems, so one intrepid person settles there--to do all the things that people need but robots can't handle or don't understand. How does that single person live? How do they handle the isolation. How long before others follow, and what happens when they arrive off-schedule?

As always, these prompts are free for you to use! If you'd like 100 at once, there's books up there in the Publications and Shop tab!


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