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Sunday, July 26, 2015

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  • you did not invent “once upon a time” 
  • nor did you invent “the end”
  • to this end: many thousands of people have invented beginnings and ends before you and the story is larger and bigger than you ever will be
  • if you never hear another person tell their story, how will you know how to tell your own?
  • how could you tell someone else’s story if you have never experienced any story but your own?
  • it is your gravest mistake to believe you are a storyteller before you are a story listener
  • ask someone to tell you why they believe the stars are in the sky
  • or why the universe exists
  • ask several someones
  • being a writer is 90% listening and 10% writing (100% various writing methods that may or may not include coffee, tears, and frustration) 
  • listening to yourself is important, but listening to others beyond that is vital.
  • writing is 100% writing and writing is work. 
  • a writer has many jobs and responsibilities and to pretend you owe nothing when you share a work is to pretend ignorance of the power of your own words.
  • a writer who makes no attempts to study what they don’t know is a bad writer. Writing is work. Writing is research. Writing is rewriting. Work can be fun but it can also be work. A good writer will write regardless. 
  • to forgo research is the ultimate exercise in egotistical failure. no writer is so good they have no need to learn more. 
  • no one will pretend that writing is always fun, or even that it should be always easy and enjoyable. we especially will not pretend that writing is never self-critical, introspective, or difficult. 
  • if you cannot write someone who is not just like you, then you are a bad writer who does not understand that you must listen in order to speak. empathy is a necessary skill in writing. a musician must learn to hear music, a painter must learn to see art and form, a writer must learn to listen to other stories. 
  • worry less about being published and worry more about being a better writer.
  • if you never push yourself to create something different you will be stale. if you exclude narratives that you did not live, you will be bland.
  • if you believe you cannot relate to real people, chances are you also have absolutely no idea how to make others relate to fictional people. 

Welp, I’m going to throw in the towel right now…

then let’s be honest, you don’t actually want to be a writer. 

if you literally cannot find it within you to work at writing, then you do not want to be a writer. 

Tru fax. This is what writing classes are supposed to teach you–how to write is only a piece of it, how to be a writer and think like a writer and act like a writer is the main part of it.

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/1OJbU9J


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