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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

So I just read an article saying you should write down ten ideas a day

...every day forever. Ideas on anything, for anything. To build your idea muscle. To spread around ideas. And since I'm basically in a committed relationship with ideas, and I'm trying to streamline my life, I thought "that would make an excellent blog post"--because what's the point of living online if you're going to pretend you aren't self-aware about it?

I love this idea. I used to (and plan to go back to) do weekly Story-Storming sessions, where I'd set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes and just write down every single story idea I had, whether it was a new one or an addition to an old one, whether it was fully formed or so half-baked it was just a few words or a single idea. Then I'd go back a few times a year and collate those ideas, look to see which ones were basically the same one or facets of the same one, and move them forward in the Pipeline of ideas becoming stories becoming books.

But this Daily Ten idea is bigger than that. It's about generating ideas for everything--your life, your business, the world at large, as well as your projects and your blogs and your actual life. It's about coming up with Big Deal Ideas so big that they seem impractical--until you figure out how to change the world with them, or who to connect to make them work.

Being, at heart, a future-thinking optimist raised on scifi, I fucking love that.

So I'm going to start doing daily ideas. Sometimes, I'll post them to share them with the world. Likely, they'll be crazy-disorganized, but sometimes they'll have themes. My Monday writing prompts will just be part of this practice: on mondays, the ideas will all be story ideas, and the rest of the time, they'll be whatever they are.

A while ago, and I've totally lost the source (I can't even remember if I read it or heard it or saw it), I came across the idea of being your own DARPA--coming up with ideas that sound crazy but can solve problems and answer questions, and I think that this is like the practical application of that concept.

Do you guys work on generating ideas? What methods do you use?


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