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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

If I knew I could not fail, I would...

I'm super-late to the party on Lisa Jacobs's Your Best Year Workbook, but it went on sale recently and I picked up an e-copy cheap, so I'm finally getting to it. And it comes at just the right time, when I'm starting to feel how long it's been since I went and did all the other workbooks in January--a million years ago, now, it seems!

Part one, that I want to get out into the universe in a public way, is about answering the question:

If I knew I could not fail, I would...

  • Launch all sorts of new stuff in the Shop--home decor, jewelry, makeup, papergoods, perfume...
  • Actually start a Troublemakers convention like we said we would before we all graduated and got back into our own separate lives, and a Lobbygirls retreat for much the same reason
  • Make lots of oracle card sets and story-telling cards, and card games, and release them in some way that I have control over, like how I've released my books
  • Take up all sorts of new arts and crafts--like painting!
  • Found a production company and a scholarship to help make interesting new media that isn't likely to get funded elsewhere happen
  • Launch new books (of some sort) monthly
  • Sell my books and nail polishes and other such items at conventions and art shows
And the second half of the question is:

What feeling am I truly craving?
  • I definitely want to live a life of constant and productive creative expression, and I crave that feeling of bright inspiration that comes with that
  • I want to reconnect with the best groups of people I've ever belonged to in real life, and I want to have some ongoing or recurring returning to that AND application of our shared talents
  • I want a union of creative and spiritual in my life that overflows into a business model that doesn't feel like any sort of ick--that flows joyfully and doesn't feel dirty or forced or like I'm selling myself
  • I want freedom and agency
  • I want a constant sense of opportunity and collaboration
So that's all what I'm working toward. I'm in control of how my books get out there, and what happens with my nail shop; I want to expand the creative things I do to cover more of my interests, to cross-pollinate my skills in new and interesting ways, and to bring me in contact with likeminded people to make everything brighter and stronger and better.

What're you guys working toward?


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