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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The first page of #SisterToTheSun!

As you may have noticed around here, Married to the Wind Part 2: Sister to the Sun is coming out this month! In just a little under two weeks! Oh mah gah, it's so soon! It's also the longest section, even after I evened out the section breaks, AND has my favorite parts, AND is the part where I finally knew exactly what the story was about when I was writing! Because of this part of the story, I knew how to end it, and that's something golden.

Here's the first page:


Tchenu slithered forward a little and flattened his belly into the warm sand at the peak of the hill. It was the only real hill for miles in any direction in the flat, dry place his people called The Place of Long Walks—some said it was once a Holy Hill, built by the first people to better reach the sky, and long eroded into the landscape by wind and sand. But what concerned him was the herd of ‘thanti in its long, late-afternoon shadow. The creatures were notoriously skittish in the wild, which Tchenu found ridiculous; if he was as big as a ‘thant, he’d be braver. Nothing would stop him. He’d be the chieftain of the entire Walking Lands.

He ran his hand over the loops of heavy rope draped over his shoulder to be sure they were still in place, still untangled. The hank weighed almost as much as he did, and the rope was half as thick as his wrist, and he’d only get one chance to use it. It wasn’t enough to catch an adult—or even to slow one down—but it was the heaviest rope he could carry, and it was more than enough to catch a baby, which had been his goal since he left camp two days ago. Below him, the next stage of his manhood ritual browsed through the dry scrub and cacti below the hill: he had to catch a baby ‘thant, tame it, dedicate it to the Goddess of Homes, and train it to carry his household. Without a ‘thant of his own, he’d always be a child in his mother’s home, no matter how good a warrior or hunter he was.

New characters! New landscapes! New everything! Are you as excited as I am???


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