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Monday, May 25, 2015

Story-starters from the Division of Muse Relations!

1. That old story: someone who thinks they are normal discovers they don't really know anything about themselves or the world they live in. But this truth is different than any other you've seen in any other story. What is it? How does it change your character's life? What choices does it offer them in the story to come?

2. If one supernatural being is real, which of the others will be real, too, and which will be still myths? How do they hide--far away or right among humans? How do they handle people knowing about their existence--and who does know, and how do they know? And most importantly, what common enemy can unite them?

3. In a near future where everyone everywhere is in deep debt and generally is from birth, how do they function day to day? What happens when the debt gets too high--and what counts as too high? Is there a way out, and how crazy is it? Who is crazy enough to try it? 

4. Someone discovers that they can't die. What do they do, knowing there's no mortality? Do they do good, or do they go bonkers? What happens when they fall in love with a mortal? What happens when they find someone else like them--who has a totally opposite view of what immortality is for?

5. A new device hits the market that helps people get into spectacular shape with very little effort. But too much use starts changing them--how? And into what? And what happens when word of the side effect gets out?


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