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Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly dispatch from the Division of Muse Relations - Week 17 2015

This week's prompts!

1. A stealthy new illness crops up, with symptoms that could belong to any of a number of already known illnesses, so it's not immediately identified as new. But the more people get sick, the stranger those with the illness react--because they're all now tied together. And when the number of infected reaches a certain population, they all change. How? And into what? And what can everyone else do about it?

2. Two people live in side-by-side apartments on opposite floor plans, and have never met, but their lives fit together like puzzle pieces--the things missing from one being exactly what the other needs. They need to come together to beat a strange new threat to both their lives--but how? What finally gets them to meet? And once they do, how do they combat the threat?

3. A show no one remembers ever being on TV shows up on DVD, and people start watching it. And loving it. And creating a rich and vibrant fandom around it. But where did the show come from and why does no one remember it before the DVD release? And what are these strange special features certain people are discovering?

4. Time travel is invented, but it's so imprecise that almost everyone discounts it immediately, and it's mostly abandoned. Then someone discovers that there's a mental component to it--you have to be a certain type of crazy, and you have to be at just the right emotional balance to land where you aim. And someone is found who is jut that--but there are people who don't want him changing time. What happens next?

5. On the worst day in one girl's life, the whole world changes. She's one of sixteen people from all over the world who witness silver spires growing up out of the ground and shining a weird light all around them. These sixteen people are changed and are drawn to each other, and it turns out it was the absolute worse day o all their lives. But why are they so desperate to meet each other? And what do the spires mean? And do they all have the same purpose in mind when they meet?

As always, these prompts are free for you to use as you see fit! Any stories that come from them are yours, and you owe nothing to me, but if you send me links to them, I'll share them so people can see your work!

If you'd like more prompts like this, look under the Publications and Shop tab for the two Divisin of Muse Relations ebooks!


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