Hi, I have a question about the gothic thing that seems to be going on at the moment - could you explain to me what exactly it is, and if it's an US only thing? (bc I would love to do one for Denmark/Copenhagen)


Yeah, of course! I believe it started with Southern Gothic, which is quite a well established literature genre outside of tumblr, but also a lot of people, myself included, are fond of it. Southern Gothic is formed by the gothic genre combined with American writing ideals combined with location (i.e. the South of the United States). Other genres that were around but not nearly so prevalent were Midwestern Gothic, North Eastern Gothic and other geographic regions.

Then, someone clever seemed to take the ideas which form those genres and apply them to more specific states or cities, like California or Chicago or New York. They take the ideas that are particular to those areas and apply the gothic genre to them thus forming 'regional gothic' as this meme has been dubbed. And from there, it's just been spreading around the world ― I reblogged a 'New Zealand Gothic' with amusement today, because New Zealand is literally the furthest thing I could imagine from the archetypal 'gothic' genre, so absolutely please go for writing one for Denmark!

NB: Perhaps gothic is an inaccurate term, as the posts formed are more regional cosmic horror than true gothic; they contain ideas of unreality, creepiness, unease, as though everything you know has been slightly tilted to the side. These posts should be tagged with appropriate content warnings, just in case anyone is affected by these things.