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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cover Reveal of Liz Coley's new book Tor Maddox: Unleashed!

You can see the Five + 1 Questions feature with Liz HERE, if you want to get to know her a little better!

And here's a message from her herself!

What's next for Liz Coley, author of the international best-selling psychological thriller Pretty Girl-13
Pretty Girl-13, published in 2013, was a dark tale about uncovering the secrets you can't even tell yourself, of literally putting yourself back together after shattering trauma. And now for something completely different... 
The new Tor Maddox series comes from "the lighter side of Liz." The stories are still page-turning thrillers, but of the adventurous variety. In the first book, Tor Maddox: Unleashed, a contemporary teenage girl who cares deeply about people and her world topples into conspiracies, pandemics, and forbidden love. Releases May 1 in print and Kindle editions. Good news--you won't have to wait a year to see what happens next because Tor Maddox 2: Embedded releases June 1 and Tor Maddox 3: Mistaken releases July 1. 

Liz Coley has been writing long and short fiction for teens and adults for more than ten years. Her short fiction has appeared in Cosmos Magazine and several speculative fiction anthologies: The Last Man, More Scary Kisses, Strange Worlds, Flights of Fiction and Winter's Regret.

In 2013, psychological thriller Pretty Girl-13 was released by HarperCollins in the US and UK. Foreign translations have been published in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Czech, Slovakian, and Chinese (simplified and traditional).

Her independent publications include alternate history/time travel/romance Out of Xibalba and teen thrillers in the new Tor Maddox series.

Liz lives in Ohio, where she is surrounded by a fantastic community of writers, beaten regularly by better tennis players, uplifted by her choir, supported by her husband, teased by her teenaged daughter, cheered from afar by her two older sons, and adorned with hair by her cats Tiger, Pippin, and Merry.

Liz invites you to follow her as LizColeyBooks on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and visit her website at LizColeyBooks.blogspot.com.


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