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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#12MonkeysThemeWeek Day 3 - Missing Scenes

Today was Missing Scenes day! Whoo! I felt like crud all day, so there was no last-minute addition here, but I'd already written two things for this day, so it was fine. This is the midpoint, and I'm honestly amazed at how much I wrote for the whole thing--I hadn't realized how much Story I had welling up inside me. And there's SO MUCH MORE. It's an un-empty-able well, apparently; I'm keeping lists and notes on what I can expand on and add over the summer so I don't have to wallow in feels alone!

1. Proof
“Jones has a lot to answer for but she wouldn’t lie about–”
Elena cut him off before he could finish his sentence. “No, look, I brought the files with me! We had a cure!

2. Reactions
“I don’t–I just can’t understand why he would do this! Why would he turn on us like this? He knows what’s at stake!”
“I can.”
“I can understand. I want to punch him until he doesn’t get up for it, but I know why he did it.”
“Because he loves you.”


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