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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why I decided to self publish

There's a few reasons why I decided to self-publish, and they all sort of work together.

I got tired of trying to sell my book to people who had never heard of me and had no idea what I was doing. I'm not really good at that whole "tell me what your book is about in one line" thing, no matter how my teachers at SHU tried to teach me. This book, especially, with three parts and nine point of view characters, I'd very hard to simplify like that, and I got tired of agonizing over that one line when I could be starting on the next book.

Which leads to this: sitting on a complete book was starting to feel like stalling out. I mean, I already have three books that no one will ever see (because they're horrible, but we're learning experiences), so having one that I felt was for for public viewing that wasn't going anywhere... It was too much.

I didn't like the feeling of competition--of having to prove myself before anything else. If rather have my story out there, speaking for itself, and me here on this blog or on Twitter, talking about it but not selling--which I'm super-uncomfortable with.

Also, I want to this this for a living, and getting one book accepted by someone and then having to wait two years for it to come out felt too long. I decided it was better to put them out myself, control all my own rights, and build a following myself. Then, if traditional publication becomes an option, I'm in a goo place for it.

And if I can figure out really good marketing without selling maybe I can help other new writers like myself do it, too.


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