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Monday, March 9, 2015

This week's dispatch from the Division of Muse Relations!

This week's story prompts are all massed on the idea of Change!

1. A baby is created in the lab, who grows incredibly fast. But the older she gets, the less human as becomes--and it isn't long before she notices that the people around her don't have wings and sails and struts. How do the scientists handle her growing pains? What is her purpose? Does she accept it?

2. Scientists studying a deep forest come across a valley where every plant and animal in it are part of an ecology that isn't Earth--at least not as it is now. But once people start getting into the valley, it starts changing--regular plants and animals get in. But also, the valley plants and animals get out. It's a potential disaster. What do they do about it?

3. Six months ago, vampires came out of hiding and there were thousands of them, everywhere. Since then, they've been openly hunting and turning people. For each person, the change is different. One girl has three whole days to think about it and try to find a cure, as her humanity slowly wanes. What does she do? What do they do about her? Is there a cure?

4. A king of a kingdom on the edge of a new empire is being pressured to join--or be destroyed. Ages ago, the kingdom was the one with all the power, because of ancient magic and a family of mythological creatures, but that's so long ago no one even knows if it's true. Can the king save his kingdom from the tides of change? How? Who helps him? And who in his own court works against him?

5. At twenty-one, certain people change, and no one knows who will change and who won't until they turn 21 and it happens--or doesn't. A group of four friends share a birth month and are all creeping up on that day. Who changes and what do they change into? Do they handle it well? Who doesn't change? Are they happy or disappointed? Does the friendship survive that week?


As always, these prompts are free for you, and you can use them in any form you like for any project you like. Any stories or other pieces coming from the are yours to do with as you please--but I'd love a link if you publish them or post them!

If you like these, you can but 100 Fantasy Prompts or 100 Scifi Prompts in the Publications and Shop tab up at the top!


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