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Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekly dispatch from the Division of Muse Relations!

This week's prompts are about Weird!

1. The first representatives of an alien race humans ever encounter comes from another dimension and makes no sense at all. A team of three is sent to negotiate peace with them, and one of them falls in love with the alien delegate. How do they make it work and how do they handle both their peoples' reactions?

2. A new theme park opens in a small, rundown town, and three friends go to investigate. One goes missing. One saw something but doesn't believe what they saw. Ten years later, the other, obsessed with the park and the extremely weird stories that come from it, is there to witness when fifteen missing children walk out of one of the rides as if no time had passed at all. What happens to all of them?

3. A woman is working in her garden at the edge of a deep forest when an old woman walks out, talking about things that haven't happened yet. She tells everyone something, and then leaves. And then the things she said keep happening, but in the least-normal ways possible. What did she tell the woman in the garden? What happens?

4. A light comes from space over a small town and cuts them off from everywhere. The people closest to the light are mutated--if they survive. The ones further away start changing into weirder and weirder versions of themselves. Two people are on opposite sides of what to do about it. How do they work it out?

5. One day, time cracks, and pieces of past, present and future get shuffled up and then coexist. In the resulting world, three teens grow up--until one claims they discovered what caused it. What do they do?


As always, any stories you write from these prompts are yours to do with as you please! If you post or publish them somewhere public, it'd be cool if you shared a link so others can find your stories, but that's up to you!

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