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Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly dispatch from the Division of Muse Relations!

This week is all about hidden things!

1. A girl finds a diary in her grandmother's attic, and when she starts reading it, she finds a huge secret other life that her grandmother never mentioned--and she finds that all the stuff that made her feel weird and wrong is actually her inheritance. What does she do?

2. Doctors at a children's hospital notice that one of the kids brought in because of delusions seems to know a lot of stuff her shouldn't know. One is very against it, two are looking for a way to profit, one wants to protect and help the kid, and one is haunted by what he says. How does it play out?

3. A girl working in an ordinary office spills her drink on a stack of memos and finds that all of them are printed with secret messages--ones that tell a story of after hours meetings and strange other announcements from home office. What does she do about it?

4. A boy has been bedridden all his life. He's been babied and indulged and spoiled. But when his parents disappear, he finds that he was never sick at all--he was powerful and something other than human, and his parents had made it so he'd never know. Why? What happens now that he does know?

5. Three children are sent to live with an eccentric uncle for a whole year, but no one will tell them why. While they're there, they find a music box that doesn't open, but sounds like it has something inside. When they get home, everyone acts lie nothing happened. Twenty years later, those three kids are called back by the uncle, who seems to not have changed at all, and despite the fact that they haven't spoken in ages, and he tells them the truth of that year. What is the truth? What do they do with it?


As always, any stories you write from these prompts are yours to post or publish or hide as you see fit, but it would be cool if you linked back here so everyone can see them!

If you like these prompts, there's 100 more in the Shop tab called The Division of Muse Relations Vol1, and Vol2 is coming out soon!


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