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Monday, February 2, 2015

Time for your Monday Muse!

Today's dispatch is brought to you by Cold!

1 A supernatural winter falls in the middle of summer in a town that has hardly any weather year round. Turns out it's because of a delegation from the Winter Court of the Fae, and they have a number of reasons for being here, as they announce when they appear in the middle of town. What do they want? Who is responsible? What happens to the town?

2 A girl found frozen under a lake way up in the mountains wakes up when they thaw her out to study her. She's from a very long time ago--and she has a message for her discoverers about what it means that she's been woken from her watchful sleep. She demands they return her sword. What is her message and why does she need a sword? Do they believe her, or does she just seem crazy? 

3 After a terrible war, the remaining people are stuck in the middle of a centuries-long winter, trying to survive. But one man and his two children, while scavenging, find a map that claims to lead to a valley in some distant mountains that's still warm and where crops can still grow. They believe it, and decide to save as many people as they can. Does anyone else believe them? Is the map real?

4 The first moon colony is always chilly, because of that whole no-atmosphere problem, but one scientist is determined to do something about the temperature. Domes and thermostats haven't done the job; he needs a crazy and drastic idea. What does he settle on? How does he do it? Does it work?

5 In the middle of the worst winter in years, people start reporting sightings of strange people in the snow who seem to be made out of ice and snow. Turns out, there's another race of people on this planet with us, but usually it's too warm. Do they come in peace? Or do they have other plans? What do the people seeing them have to do with it?

As always, any stories you write from my prompts are your stories, to post or publish or hoard as you like! I would, however, love to see any of the public ones, so if you'd link here, that'd be super-awesome!

If you'd like more prompts, look in the Shop tab, where you can get the Division of Muse Relations Vol1, 100 fantasy story-starters, for just $2! Vol 2 will be out soon!


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