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Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Dispatch from the Division of Muse Relations!

The theme of today's story-kindling is Family!
  1. A girl who has always left every town she lives in before she can start to feel like it's home, who thinks that she'll never have a normal life and a family because of Her Big Secret. A girl who has lived in one place her whole life, and so has her whole family, so that it's practically only her family in the town, who thinks she'll never get to meet anyone not related to her. They meet in the middle of a really weird afternoon. What happens next?
  2. An orphan finds out that she was born a twin--and that she's not human. She has no idea what she is or if her twin is alive, or where the rest of her family might be, but now people keep showing up asking bizarre questions about her. Some of the questions give away some of what they think she is; most of them make no sense. What does she do about it? And what happens to the family that adopted her?
  3. A guy who has only ever wanted to settle down and start a family, and so has built a nice solid life for himself so he can support one, finds out that he's got an eight year old daughter on the same day that he meets a mysterious and compelling woman who shakes up all his plans. Then strange things start happening that his daughter thinks is the ghost of her mom. Do they get to live happily ever after?
  4. An alien crash lands in the middle of a city, and is almost immediately wanted by the government, but he's taken in by a single mother and her son. The two of them have a lot of things they don't talk about, and the alien asks too many questions because there's no way he can understand anything he's being faced with. Then the first of the government agents--the one with too much to prove because of a string of failures recently--tracks everyone down. What happens to the four of them?
  5. One day, a man opens the door and the man on the other side tells him three things--he's his father, despite looking younger than him; both of them are some of the last of the Fey; the dwindling population of the Fair Folk is under attack. Now that everything is different, what do they both do next?

As always, these are your stories! If you like my prompts, run with them however the Muse strikes you. If you publish them or post them online, it'd be cool if you linked them here so that people can see them and share them, and it'd be super-cool if you pointed other writers looking for ideas in my direction, but both of those are optional. It's up to you!

If you like prompts, I have 100 more fantasy prompts in the Division Of Muse Relations Vol 1 in the SHOP tab up above this post! Vol 2, Scifi prompts, will be out soon, so be sure to check back!


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