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Monday, January 5, 2015

This week's dispatch from the Division of Muse Relations!

This week's theme is DISCOVERY!

1. Somehow, there is another whole continent that no one knew about, discovered just now by someone in the story. What do they do about the announcement? What do they find on this new continent? What does the world do about it? How did it escape discovery until now, and what changed that allowed discovery?

2. Kids in the woods behind their house stumble across a section of the woods that doesn't exist here--it's part of a woodland in an ages-old country, somewhere magical an far away, and it's like a bubble, poking through here. What do the kids do with the weird woodland? What do the adults do about it--if they even know about it? Is it stable, or is it a fluke that'll close off?

3. Out in the middle of every desert, people see mirages, and they think they're not real. What if they are--and they're all the same place, and the reason no one ever reaches one is because they don't know the right way to approach it? And what if someone figures out the way? What would they find?

4. Right in the middle of one of the worst conflicts in human history, a tear in reality surfaces, and strange things start coming through. Did the fighting cause it? Or a new weapon? Or the collective trauma? Or is none of that the cause? What comes through and what does it do with the war? Does it stop it, or does it make it worse? What happens after?

5. Someone decides that some invention is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity--and decides to do something about it. Something that involves inventing time travel and stopping that invention from happening. What do they discover when they try? What happens back home? What other discoveries happen because of this? Is all of it successful, or no?

As always, these ideas are for you--if you write a story based on one of them, it belongs to you. You don't even have to let me know about it! But, if you link to your publication, on your blog, in a magazine, in an anthology, whatever, it'll help people find it, and I'd love to see it!

For more story-starters, there's 100 Fantasy prompts in the Division Of Muse Relations Vol1, available for 2$ up in the Shop tab! Vol2 will be out soon, and will be all Scifi prompts!


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