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Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday writing prompts!

This week's theme is Time Travel!

1. A character who is haunted by some past thing discovers a time machine--doesn't build it, just finds one. Where does it come from? Who built it? How does it work and what do they do with it? What happens to them because of how they handle the machine?

2. A signal from outer space hits earth and is deciphered as a set of blueprints, that when built, is a machine made of weird tech no one has ever seen before. When activated, it opens a portal that happens to go to the past. But there was also a part of the message that was missed. What do people do with the now open portal? What information was in the missing part of the message and what does the lack of it do to the outcome of the event?

3. A woman falls through a portal into another time after she's had the worst day of her life. Does she land in the future or the past? Does she land somewhere better or worse? Once she's just barely getting a handle on things, she starts to notice other people who can't possibly be from the time she's now in; what gives them away? What does she do about it and what do they do about being found out? Which one knows what's actually going on?

4. A man and woman who have never met both wake up after traumatic events to find they've restarted the day--the same day that led to that trauma. As they deal with the day again, they keep restarting, Groundhog Day-like. And then they realize they're crossing each other's paths and that something in one of those crosses must be what's causing this--but they have differing ideas about what should be done next. Do they work together or do they part ways? Do they solve the problem, and how? What does repeating the day let them do that they couldn't do under normal circumstances?

5. Someone trying to build a time machine builds seven machines that don't quite travel in time. Where do they travel to? What happens during testing? Why are they so desperate to make a time machine that they keep trying even when stuff keeps going so strangely wrong?

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These story-starters are free to use, and any stories coming from them are all yours. You can use the prompt as given or you can use part of it. But it would be really cool, if you post or publish one of these stories, if you linked it here so we could all see it! I'll eventually build a whole page just of stories from my little story-sprouts!


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