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Monday, January 26, 2015

Division of Muse Relations Monday dispatch from the muse-sphere!

Another week, another five story-starts! In honor of Division of Muse Relations Vol2, which should be out soon, this week's starts are all Scifi!

1. Scientists create a new sort of human, intending that this created-human would take over the grunt work from the regular humans. But these created humans have other ideas. Ideas that do not involve war, because they've read the books written by normal humans and know how that'll end. How does it play out?

2. A totally retro red and white rocket lands in the middle of a modern city, despite the fact that manned vehicles never actually looked like that. A spaceman and a robot come out of the hatch and start exploring. How does te city react? How do they react to the city? Where did they come from and what is going on?

3. A space explorer living alone on a long-distance mission starts getting cabin-fever, and needs something to distract them from creeping insanity from isolation. They eventually find a very weak singnal, and can't tell where it's from, but it's something in all this nothing. What happens when they start talking back?

4. Aliens land, and it's less an invasion and more like tourists visiting a zoo--with about as much consideration for the local "wildlife". Who is fine with that? Why? Who takes offense? And what does everyone do about it?

5. Someone invents nano machines that get out, but despite all the sure warnings, they don't destroy the world--they fix it. But as they do, their collective complexity increases. What happens when they, and by extension, the whole planet, becomes conscious and has access to all of human history because of the internet?

So have at em!

As always, any story you write from these prompts belongs to you, no strings attached. It would be super-cool, however, if you'd link to any published or posted stories so we can read them! That's up to you, of course.

If you'd like to see more scifi story-starts, look for Division of Muse Relations Vol2 sometime around the end of the month or early next month! And for fantasy prompts, check the Shop tab above to get your copy now!


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