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Friday, January 2, 2015

Books read in 2014!

With affiliate product links! I think this is all of them--at least, it's all the ones I posted on Instagram. I didn't keep a very good list this past year, and I'm gonna try to be more organized in 2015!

This is also not necessarily in the right order--it's the order that I found notes about them in various places.

Messy Canvas by Mandy Steward


Pioneer Farm

2015 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook (Biz Ed AND Life Ed)

The Overarching Theme Kit

The Rundown:

  • Fiction: 18 / 27
  • Nonfic: 8 / 27
  • Comics: 1 (but actually more that I didn't count; fixing that in 2015)
  • YA: 7 / 27
  • For Review: 2 / 27
  • Scifi: 5 / 27
  • Fantasy: 8 / 27
  • Children's picture books: 4 / 27
  • EBooks: 7 / 27
  • Library: 3 / 27
That's a little more than one every two weeks, which is pretty good in raw numbers, but it was actually that I hardly read anything over summer and fall, and that's weird for me! Lets see if I can do better next year.

What did you read? What was your favorite?


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