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Monday, December 22, 2014

Your weekly writing prompts, fresh from the Division of Muse Relations!

1. Someone who has never noticed shifts in natural energies feels drawn toward information about the Winter Solstice for weeks, and as it grows closer, is more and more sure that something monumental will happen then. Who do they meet in their search? What do they learn? What happens and how does it affect their life and their world?

2. On a planet that's gripped in perpetual winter, there's one day a year when the clouds part and they can see the sun. This year, though, it's late. What does it mean to the people, and how do they cope with it? Who is afraid and who is hopeful? Does the sun ever show?

3. During the zombie apocalypse, the only safe time is winter, when the zombies freeze. How do the survivors celebrate? How do they plan for spring? How do they know when it's safe and when it is, what do they do then that they can't do the rest of the year? What if the winter doesn't come as hard as it should?

4. On a space ship deep in space, there's no seasons and no differentiation between days that are scheduled and artificial anyway, but the people have decided to celebrate holidays anyway. To mark time, to break up the monotony, to raise morale. They pick the midwinter celebration to start, but there's a lot of different traditions represented in the ship's populace--how do they choose what to keep an what to toss? What does their celebration look like? Is everyone happy with it? What happens if it goes wrong?

5. People who live in the woods only venture out in the coldest part of the year when the forest can't support them, and even then only rarely, not every year. Each time they emerge, the world is different. This time, they find a city creeping up on their borders. Who's city is it? How different are they from the woods-dwellers? Is there conflict or community? What does it mean that the city is so close to the woods, and how did they miss it? What do both sides do about this middle-of-the-harsh-winter contact?

As usual, these prompts are free to use. Use them as is, or just take te parts you like, combine them or split them up. They're just to get your brain working and your juices flowing. Any works that come from them are yours, since you did the work, but it would be nice if you linked me to any publications or public postings so I and my readers can see them!

And if you'd like more that have never been on the blog, pick up a digital copy of Division of Muse Relations Vol 1from the shop tab up top!


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