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Monday, December 29, 2014

Your Monday dispatch from the Division of Muse Relations!

1. A strange package turns up with no sign of who sent it, on the porch of a character who has been trying to be happy in the so-called "ideal life", but is mostly bored and suffocated. There's a number of strange and interesting items in the box, all of them things this character never would have gotten for themselves, but all of them exactly what they need right now to make things more interesting. What are the items? Where did they come from? Who sent them and why?

2. In the back of a magazine, a kid finds an ad like in one of those Golden Age pulp mags, advertising something that seems too good to be true--and also hopelessly old-fashioned. They send a real letter with a real stamp and get their item, but also find that they're now on a secret mailing list for a mysterious society. Is it good or bad? What mysteries unfold? Who else is on this mailing list and what do they all do with their weird old-fashioned item?

3. A girl wandering in the woods after being harassed by bullies finds a weird rock almost as big as her head, but sort of burned-looking and lighter than it looks like it should be. She takes it home, thinking it might be a geode, but she can't seem to crack it open. As the days pass, it gets warmer and warmer--and then it hatches. What is it? Where did it come from? What does she do with this creature now that she has it?

4. A new shop opens in town, selling clothes and accessories that claim all sorts of crazy things--they'll make you richer, taller, smarter--and te crazy thing is, they work. But nothing comes without a cost. What are the costs? Who loses and who wins? What happens to a town when everyone is suddenly richer and smarter and better looking? What happens when there's nothing left to sell?

5. A girl kidnapped by aliens decides that she didn't much like earth anyway, and signs up as part of the crew for daring adventures on other planets. But she's one of very few humans out in the universe and she has no training--so how does he do on her missions? Does she dry or does she go home, or is she lost on a mission? What amazing and crazy stuff do they find, as a crew, when they're out in space?

As always, if you use these anywhere public--your blog or a publication--I'd love to have a link to see how they went, but the story is yours, because you did all the work.

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