prose advice from the pros

me: Oh, I can't take this roller coaster of having everything to say, thinking I'm writing the next Dracula, wanting to share it with everyone, doubting it, thinking its trash, fighting myself off with a knife so I don't delete everything, staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell my life even is, and then having everything to say again. I wish I had some great advice from one of the masters of writing...
Ray: Stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.
me: Wow! The ghost of-
Earnest: AND BOOZE!
Ray: Hemmingway, no.
Earnest: Booze and pussy?
Lord Byron: Pft, why stop there when there's cock, ass, drugs, wars, half-sisters-
Ray: Cool it, George! Really, I got this! You are NOT helping!
Marcel: wahwahamahnawahwah
Ray: Proust, no one can hear you through your cork lined room.
Marcel: /cracks door/ Has anyone seen my gallon of coffee?
Alexandre: Just have like fifteen underlings help you with the boring parts.
Ray: NO! Dumas- all of you, l don't-
Edgar: I was sober for brief periods, it was terrible.
me: Wait... that's not even your quote...
Edgar: Oh really? I JUST SAID IT!
Miguel: I helps to be a genius. Have you tried that?
me: um...
Gabriel: Worth it! High five, Miguel!
Emily: /whisper whisper/
Virginia: Emily says being a mad genius works as well. Have you ever struggled with crippling depression?
Edgar: Ruins everything else in your life, but you'll be rich, loved, and famous.
Emily: /whisper whisper/
Edgar: Oh, that's right, we didn't die rich, famous and loved, did we? No, no, we did not. Bunch of Goth kids love us now though, sooooo... there's always that.
Lady Murasaki: I could help you, but you spent all your time mulling over William S. Burroughs instead of reading one of the greatest epic novels civilization ever produced. It's cool though, it's fine. He wrote and English after all, and you learned so much about ass play, totally worth your time and effort.
Cao Xueqin: Preach!
Neil: Just write. Stop procrastinating and just write.
me: Thanks, you know what? I needed to hear that.
Ray: What the? Neil Gaiman, you're not dead!
Neil: Oh? *Aren't I?*
Ray: Check your pulse, Gaiman.
Neil: Oh, right! Cheers!
Fyodor: Have you ever been in a mock execution? Ok, funny story-