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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

On planning a novel (or three) next year

That's my super-cute Leonie Dawson calendar. That's also the whole of next year, which starts in about a week, waiting for me to decide what will go into each of those nice little squares.

I'm gonna fill a lot of them with novels. 

See, I'm getting tired of waiting to write the books I want to write, so 2015 is going to be, in an experimental sort of way, The Year Of Writing Novels, to see if I can manage to write more than one in a year while also having other projects running*. 

I know:
- I can write a lot when I know what I'm going to write
- I can edit and write at the same time if I have time carved out to do so
- I write better when I warm up with other writing

And I know I don't want to waffle around anymore. 2015 feels different already, like I've reached some tipping point where I don't need to push so hard anymore.

I'm going to write on my calendar what my deadlines are.

I'm going to plan intensive writing a month at a time, and daily writing will basically be my usual four pages a day, in the morning before I do anything else, with the minimum amount of planning that will keep me on track--just a few words on my planner to tell me what I had planned to do that day for the days when it feels too hard. 

I'm going to bank words on good days, and days when I know later in the week is gonna be tough.

I'm gonna self publish early in the year, then again at least once before the end.

I'm gonna do more preplanning--of the creative, getting-to-know-my-story kind like Stephanie Wytovitch does: poems and short stories, mostly.

And I'm gonna work this career off the ground, once and for all.

Are you going to write a book next year? How're you planning it?

* like: writing a short story each week, free fiction for the blog here, daily haiku and sketches, and expanding the nail polish shop.


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