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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mini Announcement -- Printable journaling prompts for cheap!

They're not up in my shop yet, but I have added stuff to my Gumroad page at www.gumroad.com/pirategirljack! There's Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years pages for a Family Memory Book--basically a scrapbook that's guided. I'm going to add a few more each holiday, so check back.

I've also added guided journal prompts, one for each day of December, January, and February.

Coming up next will be Division of Muse Relations Vol2, which will most likely be 100 Scifi story set-ups, and I'm going to start making and posting printable art journaling and art-planner-ing pages each month, too--I'll let you know when those are up!

So keep checking back!


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