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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Genre - Guardians of the Galaxy and the fall of the classic hero

I just found this post on Twitter, and it's short but so much fun. Sort of a start of a conversation I want to follow up on later--and I'm putting in here instead of on my fandom blog because it's specifically about messing with Campbell's Monomyth.

"It's as if Quill and his Guardians are running in loops around Campbell's monomyth. Or, even better, the movie-makers are flagrantly disregarding it. They're nearly satirizing it."

I love me some Hero's Journey, like all good fantasy writers, but I also have some issue with it--which is why my Epic Fantasy book Married To The Wind is sort of a sideways epic; I was grappling directly with the Journey from a different perspective. Also why some of my current WiPs will be sideways interpretations, I'm sure. And this article starts to articulate both some of the issue I have AND some of why I liked Guardians of the Galaxy so much. So go read it. It's neat. And then we'll start digesting that to get going on this idea.

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