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Monday, December 15, 2014

Division of Muse Relations - Monday writing prompts

A little late this time, since we're just finishing up moving today (fina-fucking-ly), but here's this week's prompts! As always, they're free to use, but if you post them publically or get them published, drop us a line so we (I) can see them!

1. Your character is moving out of the house they grew up in and spent their whole life in, but as they unpack closets and room-corners and under beds, they find more and more things that don't belong to their family members or themselves--but do seem to connect to each other. What story do these strange objects tell? What does your character do with them and about them?

2. In the middle of the worst storm a girl has ever seen, something knocks on the door--but she lives far out in the middle of nowhere, alone, on a hill, and when she opens the door, all she finds is a small bedraggled creature, soaking wet and yowling piteously. Who knocked? Why? And what is this creature, because she's sure she's never seen it before. Does she take it in? Does it change her life? Is it for the better?

3. A grown man falls through a portal somewhere strange and finds himself in a magical world full of talking creatures, ancient wizards, curses and kings--and everyone he meets seems to know who he is. They claim he was here as a child and was a great hero to their land, but he doesn't remember a single one of the adventures they talk about. Is he cracking up, is he an amnesiac, or is something else going on? And why is he here now, regardless of whether the past was real or not?

4. A woman and a man from different cities and with wildly different lives are taken by an alien space ship. The aliens are either invisible or hidden--all they see are machines, none of which communicate with them, and each other. The ship takes them far away and they're traveling for a long time--and then they enter orbit around another world. Why are they here and what took them? Why were only these two chosen? What's on the planet below them, and what can they do about it?

5. At age ten, a boy and a girl start building a rocket to escape the collapse of their country. It takes them over a decade to build it, and involves the invention of a new sort of engine--the girl is a technical genius, and the boy can build anything--but they're finally ready to launch. Except there's effects of their new engine that they don't know about. What happens when they hit ignition? Are they successful? What do they find, either way, and what do other people think of it all? Is there anyone against their plan?

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