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Monday, December 1, 2014

Division of Muse Relations Freebies - Monday story prompts

I'm still working on Vol 2, which should be out late this year or early next year, depending on how the holidays go, but in the meantime, here's a work-week's-worth of story ideas for you. These are original and not in the books, free for you to use (though it'd be cool if you'd send me a link to share!), and show you the sorts of thing that will be in the books! You can buy Vol 1 up there where it says Shop at the top of the page.

Your character wakes up with the lamest super power they can think of after a weird event that everyone seems to remember differently--but the city is in danger and any power is better than none. Even lame ones. How do they step up? How do they turn a lame power I to a gift--or a weapon? What do they do to turn the tide of crime in their city?

Some kooks on the street are suddenly super-insistent that the end times are near--but not for the usual reasons. These guys say it's because something people have done has drawn the attention of an old god so terrible, just having it's attention causes destruction, and we should try to be inconspicuous. The worst part is that it's true. So what do your characters do about it? How do they fail and what happens when they do? How many people make it through?

Deep, deep under the ocean, scientists find a weird signal and a strange object that May or may not be the source. Do they figure out what the message says? How? Or how not? If they do, what does it mean to them and to the world? What happens when they investigate the site? Is this a scary warning story, or an optimistic best-of-humanity story?

What looks like an oil slick that just appears on the surface of the sea one morning turns out to be an engine leak from an alien ship just on the other side of a weak spot in reality. Who is called in to help, and what do they do about it? How does it affect the ecosystem, and how does it change the life native to our side? Is there more to this than just an accident--though a very strange one?

The first batch of clones to be successfully created and brought to maturity turns out to be a hive mind--which is definitely unexpected. Is this a big or a feature? How do the scientists feel about it vs how the clones do? Why were the clones created, and what do they think about this purpose? Does being a hive mind mean they automatically agree on everything, or is it just that they can't hide their thoughts? Are they smarter than regular people? What do they think about the people who created them, and what do they do?


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