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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Eating...this chicken chili leftovers at my sister's house.

Planning...my new planner. After the holidays, I'm getting myself a handmade Midori-style notebook and some inserts, and I have the Passion Planner as a guideline, and Leonie Dawson's Big Beautiful Life + Biz workbooks, and the Overarching Theme Kit from Puttylike, and the Desire Map, and Stargarden's art journaling pages, and I'm going to build a planner-notebook hybrid that finally works for me.

Thinking...about Christmas shopping and how to do it cheap, about when I'll get my supplies in so I can fill orders before Christmas, about how I'll write up that chili recipe in a minute, about surviving the holidays GF (or not), about when we'll ever be done moving...

Dreaming...about 2015 being better than 2014 ever was--because 14 was a lot better emotionally and healthfully, but so much worse financially, and I'm so tired of money problems.

Living...as best as I can half way in two different apartments.

Wishing...it was planting season, because I am so excited about my new garden!

Reading...not enough; this is the time of year when I usually go back and finish what I started before posting the list of books read on my writin blog, but this moving is just killing my attention span.

Drinking...hot tea, because I always am. The cheap Kroger brand is a little smoky, a little malty, and never gets too bitter to drink. And it's like 2$, which is great.

Feeling...cold, in that in-between way where it's too cold for my fall clothes and not quite cold enough for my winter--though today was the first day I wore a scarf all season.

Hoping...we can Christmas-up this stressful, poor, moving-filled winter--and that I can set up a little space for Yule for myself.

Looking...toward those slow winter months when there's no holidays, no family celebrations, nothing external to worry about, so I can work on getting my ducks in a row. Finally.

What're you up to, currently?


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