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Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 library booksale!

My snaggle-tooth, Lin's dork-face, and look at all those books!

Dork-face again, and six boxes! This is right before someone bumped into that end box and knocked it all down. And then after that, I knocked it down.

All my books in front of my moving-mess, and mom all bundled up.

Every year or year-and-a-half, the Wake County Public Library has a book sale! This year had so many more books than last year--which I hope doesn't mean one of the branches got shut down in the meantime. But it was so great. We took a few hours off of moving house to go get more things to put in the house, because books don't count as clutter*.

We didn't know as we filled six boxes between my sister, my mom, and I, that the boxes were two-for-one, so I got two whole boxes, which held 78 books for me and like 40 for gifts, for 5$!

The moral of this story is that you should see if your local library has an annual book sale, because hot damn.

I sort of accidentally started a collection of children's books as we filled a whole box with picture books and early readers for my nephews, and I found some super-sweet ones for me.

Highlights of the rest:
- a book of classic scifi stories that have inspired classic scifi movies
- The Stars My Destination
- three Robin McKinley books: Spindle's End, Water, and Fire
- two of the Dresden Files books I have read but don't own
- Uppity Women of the Rennaisance, which sounds really neat with just the few pages I've read
- Mean Streets, a UF anthology
- the sequels to two books I read a couple of years ago, a Graveyard Queen book and Axis, sequel to Spin
- a really great colonial cookbook, with super-early-American and same-time English recipes
- two books about gardening that look cool
- two different anthologies with Poppy Z Brite, among others
- The Forever War
- a few travel books by people I've never read before so maybe I can expand my travel-writer-habit
- some of the Wrinkle In Time sequels, and one of her other books
- a book about poetry by Frances Mayes

And, like, sixty more. I'm so excited!

* Tru fax. It's an aspirational, forward-thinking mind that keeps more books around than she could possibly read.


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