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Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Writing Prompts!

1. Someone notices that they're living in a different season from the people around them. When they decide to find out why, what happens to them? What caused it?

2. A modern human wakes up in the far future; as far as they're concerned, it happened between one blink and the next, but is this accurate? What caused it? How do they feel about it and what do they do about it? What's the future like?

3. A kid at the zoo discovers he can talk to certain animals--but there's no relation between which ones. What causes it, what does he do with this skill, and how does it change his life?

4. A princess in a tower gets bored and comes to the conclusion that waiting on a prince she's never met is stupid. How does she change her life after that conclusion? What happens when the prince shows up much later?

5. A kid finds a weird coin in the street and because it's enchanted, starts encountering weird people and events they never would have even guessed at before. How do they take it? Do they tell anyone? How does having the coin change their life--for good and for bad?

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