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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This year's NaNo

I made a cover for it, even though it's not written yet! I thought it might help to keep me focused as I actually do make with the words.

Last year was hard. I thought I broke my arm a few times with the effort, and I know I burned through my brain with all that fast-paced thinking about plot and stuff. I also made a terrible mess of the plot and I haven't finished editing / revising it yet.

But I also had a whole lot of fun, so despite the fact that I'll be babysitting at least four days a week*, and running a rolling series of competitions for my nail polish business**, and I have a number of other things I want to get done before the end of the year...Well, I decided to do it again.

This year, it'll be The Sound of Birds, Singing***, like so:

Maria was raised by nuns to accept that she's have a small, poor, unimportant life, until the day she's kidnapped by the Wizard Birdsong. He wants her to pose as a lost princess so he can get the treasure reward and the esteem of the king--only she knows nothing about courts and princess skills. When she fails, he curses her to only speak with the voices of birds, and to serve as his servant until her debt is paid...except that he immediately leaves her alone and she starts researching her new master, and uncovers secrets that go back to the dawn of the kingdom--and the war that's still going on even now.

I still can't write a quick blurb, but that's what I've got to write this November, and it's a lot more solid an idea than I had last time!

What're you doing this NaNo?

* I usually do one or two days a week.
* www.etsy.com/shop/incidentaltwin (end plug)
*** Which I've been calling Birdsong for the last year or so, until I decided to buckle down and figure out more than the first two chapters, and then decided to get poetical with it.


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