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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So I'm going to self publish some things

I've decided, as an experiment, that the books I wrote for NaNoWriMo--and JulNoWriMo, when I get in the swing of doing this twice a year--will be self-published.

I figure it'll give me experience in case all my books are not what agents wish to take a chance on. It'll give me a chance to build an audience and prove my worth as a writer on my own, which really appeals to me. It'll get some of the projects out in the world without having to wait too long--and right now, I feel like I'm sitting on a whole bunch of eggs that won't hatch, so this is a way to hatch them. And it is, potentially, a way to make something of a living off my own work, something that has been my goal for ages.


First, I have to learn how to do it, and to finish revising Beacon before I start revising what I will be writing this year.

Then I need to do it--which I'm sure will be awkward and confusing as I figure it out.

But I know some pretty good self-published authors, and I am really good at googling and learning from experience.  And I already own my Amazon and Goodreads profiles, so. 

Beacon will be first. Probably with this cover, unless I figure out something cooler:

I don't know when it'll come out, but it'll hopefully be done revising before the end of October so I can go into The Sound of Birds, Singing without also having Beacon needing edits! So that's my job for the rest of October: finishing and posting Beacon so I can figure out how to do this thing.

Any advice?


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