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Monday, October 13, 2014

New Release! Division of Muse Relations, Vol 1!

I announced this everywhere but here on the actual blog ::facepalm::! I just released the first of a series of collected writing prompts called Division if Muse Relations! This first one is, as you can see from the cover there, 100 prompts for fantasy stories. It's also the cheapest any of these are going to be, at a nice intro-to-the-series $2! (Future releases will be $5, so still totally affordable!)

This is 40 pages of ideas for Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, weird Dark Fantasy, Fairytale and other fantasy stories. If you're looking for something to spark your creative juices, I bet you'll find something here!

I started this series because:

1. Coming up with cast amounts of ideas has never been a problem for me, but I've talks to plenty of people who say it is, so why not share the wealth.


2. A lot of the prompts around are really unimaginative, aimed at elementary school children, woefully nonspecific, and / or just basically dull, and there's that old saying, if you can't find the book you want, write it!

So here you are!

You can find the super-cool link to buy it under "Publications and Shop" on the menu bar up there, and as soon as you pay, you'll have access to a PDF download that you can read on your computer, tablet, or any ereader that displays PDFs! 

Look for the next one, 100 SciFi Prompts, toward the end if the year, and then more ever few months going into next year and beyond!


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